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At NOVELPOTTA Y&R , we are wired differently. A guy that prefers to watch movies with the sounds off, read only novels with missing pages  and  a girl whose first crush was a cartoon character, these are just a few of our traits. There is something common to all of us though; we live and breathe our brands. Our passion drives us to always exceed the conventional. When we handle a brand, we become the factory floor manager, the sales representative, the consumer, we become the brand. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure competition “dies a natural death”.




Usual became boring, so, in June 2001, we decided to flip the script and NOVELPOTTA was born. In 2002, we established a relationship with Y&R (Young and Rubicam), a global advertising network, that saw us become NOVELPOTTA Y&R, a frontline advertising agency in Nigeria.

Today, we have a firm foothold in the integrated marketing communications terrain, established an office in Cameroun, and ran numerous successful campaigns across West-Africa.





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Celey Okogun, PhD

Managing Director/CEO.

Celey Okogun shares similar attributes with Franz Beckenbauer - the legendary German football maestro. They both make hard work look so easy, so free of drama. The difference is one of them has a full head of hair. With over 20 years in the advertising industry, Celey believes every campaign should be treated like an orchestra masterpiece.  Every note, every key must be perfect.

For someone whose life mirrors a conductor at an orchestra, you would expect his music collection to have lots of Mozarts, Beethoven and maybe some Enya, one day, maybe. For now, Terry G simply “scatters Celey’s Dada”.


Chu’qumah Nebo

Creative Director

Chuma is a paradox of some sort. He has high adaptive abilities, yet would easily break all rules. He is open to anything, yet can easily switch off from everything. Welcome to the world of this uniquely talented painter and shape shifter. Chuma’s ability to take in his surrounding ensured he was able to adapt and thrive as a member of NOVELPOTTA Y&R Cameroun’s inaugural team. He has experience working on brands like Tangui, CICC, Kadji beer, PPL and LG.  

Ideas come naturally to Chuma, it seems like he has one for every strand of lock on his head.

Babatunde Ogunsanya

Finance Controller.

We are not sure which Babatunde Ogunsanya enjoys more, balancing the books of advertising agencies, or providing balance for its chaotic environment.

Tunde believes a professional accountant has to be guided by fairness, commitment and honesty, and says working at NOVELPOTTA Y&R has challenged his inner introvert and ability to manage opinionated and stubborn people typical of an advertising agency. 

Having spent the better part of the last twenty years in advertising agencies, he describes the experience as inspiring and enriching, one he wouldn’t trade for anything...except a plate of Ikokore.

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